Before contacting KagariSoft, please check the following.

I cannot find the executable file.

If the executable file is not found in the root folder, disable the antivirus and download the game again; sometimes the antivirus may mistakenly detect the game as a virus.

The game does not load in OBS

The NVIDIA graphics card is not fully compatible with OBS, it is recommended to set the CPU as default for recording, you can also try to record the game by capturing the window.

[Performance Warning] appears when executing

This error appears when you are using outdated rendering software, to fix it try updating the drivers or updating DirectX.

DirectX 11 page
32-bit x86 computers (i686)

Support for 32-bit computers was discontinued for some games, this is due to a performance improvement.

The store charged me for the payment, but I don't see the game in my library.

KagariSoft does not handle purchases, you have to contact the store.


If your problem is not listed above you can contact kagarisoft using the following options: